B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences may be earned after a successful completion of a minimum of two years of required pre-pharmacy coursework and the first two basic science intensive years of the Pharm. D. curriculum. The B.S. Pharmaceutical Science degree is intended for students that enter the professional pharmacy program without a prior four-year degree and/or who intend to pursue graduate studies.

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

The courses shown here must be completed before entering the professional pharmacy program. The sequence of courses is illustrative and, if proper prerequisites are satisfied, the student may alter the order in which the courses are taken.

In addition, applicants to the professional pharmacy program must present proof of having completed at least 20 hours of volunteer or paid service in a pharmacy, other health care, or social field, a writing assignment about the experience, and one evaluation form from someone involved with the applicant in such an experience. The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) must be taken within two years of application.

Pre-Pharmacy First Year
College Chemistry I
and College Chemistry I Lab
College Chemistry II
and College Chemistry II Lab
M 162Applied Calculus (prereq. M 151 or appropriate placement score)4
BIOH 112Human Form and Function I3
BIOH 113Human Form and Function II3
WRIT 101College Writing I3
Pre-Pharmacy Second Year
BIOB 260Cellular and Molecular Biology4
CHMY 221
CHMY 222
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
ECNS 201SPrinciples of Microeconomics3
College Physics I
and College Physics I Laboratory
Select one of the following:3-4
Introduction to Statistics
Psychological Statistics
Social Statistics
Either Year, any semester- Required
PSYX 100SIntro to Psychology3
THTR 120AIntroduction to Acting I3
or COMX 111A Intro to Public Speaking
Either year, any semester - Recommended courses to fulfill UM General Education requirements 1
ANTY 101HAnthro & the Human Experience3
or NASX 105H Intro Native Amer Studies
LIT 110LIntro to Lit3
or LIT 120L Poetry
Select one of the following:3
Race and Minorities
Western Civilization I
American History I
Total Hours58-59

Students must complete the University's General Education requirements. Due to the limitation of elective credits in the professional pharmacy curriculum, students are advised to complete the lower-division General Education requirement during the pre-pharmacy curriculum.

Professional Pharmacy Curriculum

Students must apply for admission to the professional program. Students enrolled in the professional pharmacy curriculum are assessed a supplemental fee. This fee does not apply to pre-pharmacy students. Refer to the fees section of this catalog for details. Students must demonstrate proficiency in pharmaceutical calculation by successfully completing a competency assessment prior to entering the second professional year.

The Upper-Division Writing Requirement must be met by successfully completing PHAR 550 or an upper-division writing course from the approved list in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog. See index.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
PHAR 381 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 4
PHAR 341 Physiological Systems I 4
PHAR 361 Pharm Sci Lab I 1
BIOM 400 Medical Microbiology 3
PHAR 300 Pharmacy Practice I 3
PHAR 371 Integrated Studies I 1
PHAR 328 Antimicrobial Agents 3
PHAR 331 Pharmaceutics 4
PHAR 342 Physiological Systems II 4
PHAR 362 Pharm Sci Lab II 1
PHAR 310 Pharmacy Practice II 2
PHAR 363 Pharmaceutical Care Lab I 1
PHAR 372 Integrated Studies II 1
Second Year
PHAR 421 Medicinal Chem I 3
PHAR 432 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3
PHAR 443 Pharmacol & Toxicol I 4
PHAR 451 Therapeutics I 3
PHAR 460 Pharmaceutical Care Lab II 1
PHAR 471 Integrated Studies III 1
Electives 1
PHAR 412 Pharmacy Practice III 2
PHAR 422 Medicinal Chem II 3
PHAR 444 Pharmacology & Toxicol II 4
PHAR 452 Therapeutics II 3
PHAR 463 Pharmaceutical Care Lab III 1
PHAR 472 Integrated Studies IV 1
Electives 2
 Total Hours64

Required credits: 120