Anthropology B.A.

Anthropology is an interconnected discipline and majors are urged to acquire a broad background especially in the natural and social sciences and the humanities. Recommended areas of study are biology, economics, English, geography, geology, history, communication studies, linguistics, Native American studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology.

Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology

College of Humanities & Sciences

Degree Specific Credits: 36-39

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Catalog Year: 2018-2019

Note: There are no prerequisites to the undergraduate major. The major requires 36 credits in Anthropology, Linguistics, or Native American Studies, 12 of which must be the core offerings. In addition to the core courses, students are required to have a course in statistics. Students must complete the core courses and the statistics course with a letter grade of C- or better.

General Education Requirements

Information regarding these requirements can be found in the General Education Section of the catalog. 


Lower-Division Core Courses12
Statistics Requirement3
Subarea I - Theory and Methods6
Anthropological Theory
Anthropological Methods
Subarea II, III, IV6
Subarea II: Human Adaptation and Diversity
Subarea III: World Societies and Cultures
Subarea IV: Concepts and Issues
Anthropology and Linguistics Electives12
Total Hours39

Lower-Division Core Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
ANTY 210NIntro to Physical Anthropology3
ANTY 220SCulture & Society3
ANTY 250SIntro to Archaeology3
LING 270SIntro to Linguistics3
Total Hours12

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Statistics Requirement

Complete one of the following courses:3
Anthropological Data Analysis
Introduction to Econometrics
Psychological Statistics
Social Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Forest Biometrics

Minimum Required Grade: C- 

Subarea I - Theory and Methods

Rule: Complete 3 credits in Theory and 3 credits in Methods: 6 total credits required.

Anthropological Theory

Complete 3 credits of the following courses:3
Human Evolution
History of Anthropology
Public Anthropology
Anthropological Museology
Emergence Modern Humans
Social Anthropology
Archaeological Theory
Historical Archaeology
Arch of Hunter-Gatherers
Linguistic Analysis
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Anthropological Methods

Complete 3 credits of the following courses:3
Quan Ethnographic Field Methds
Advanced Anthro Statistics
Forensic and Mortuary Arch
Dental Anthropology
Ethnographic Field Methods
Cultural Resource Management
Lithic Technology
Artifact Analysis
Archaeological Survey
Archaeological Field School
Methods for Native Languages
Field Experience:
Historical Linguistics
Linguistic Field Methods
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Subarea II, III, IV

Rule: Complete 6 credits from 2 of 3 subareas: 6 total credits required.

Subarea II: Human Adaptation and Diversity

Complete 3 credits of the following courses:3
Race and Minorities
Food and Culture
Anthropological Genetics
Human Variation
Culture and Population
Evolution and Genetic Variation in Human Populations
Culture, Health and Healing
Linguistic Ecology and Language Endangerment
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Subarea III: World Societies and Cultures

Complete 3 credits of the following courses:3
The Silk Road
Central Asian Culture and Civ
Foundations of Civilization
Arch Wonders of the World
Native Peoples of Montana
Peoples and Cultures of World
Archaeology of North America
Archaeology of Montana
PaleoIndian Archaeology
Mesoamerican Prehistory
Cities/Landscapes Central Asia
Artistic Tradtns Central Asia
Arch of the Pacific Northwest
Archof the Arctic/Subarctic
Arch of the SW United States
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Subarea IV: Concepts and Issues

Complete 3 credits of the following courses:3
Primates in Peril
Principles of Forensic Anthro
Indigenous Peoples & the Ethics of Development
Myth, Ritual and Religion
Social Change
Mind, Culture and Society
Culture and Identity
Anthropology of Gender
Drugs, Culture and Society
Cont. Issues of SSEA
Language and Culture
NA Indigenous Lang & Ling
Contemp Global Iss Indg People
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Anthropology and Linguistics Electives

Rule: Complete 12 credits in Anthropology and Linguistics electives not completing core or subarea requirements. 12 total credits required.

Minimum Required Grade: C-