Environmental Ethics Ceritificate


College of Humanities & Sciences

Degree Specifics: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 1.7

Catalog Year: 2017-2018


Required Courses6
Elective Courses6
Total Hours12

Required Courses

Rule: 6 Credits

Note: PHL 311 can substitute for PHL 422 when PHL 311’s course title is "Philosophy and the Environmental Crisis"

Take these two requirements
Intro Ethics and Environment
Environmental Philosophy
Total Hours0

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Elective Courses

Rule: Choose two of the following

Note: ENST 391 only counts when it is titled “Earth Ethics: Moral Dimensions of Environmental Issues.”

At least one must be at the 400 or 500 level6
Moral Philosophy
Community & Environment
Nature and Society
Elements of Ecological Restora
Ecol Persp in Nat Amer Trad
Environmental Politics & Policies
Ethics of Climate Change
Wildland Conserv Pol/Govrnance
Wilderness and Civilization
Ethics Forestry & Conservation
Special Topics/Experimental Courses (Only counts when it is titled “Earth Ethics: Moral Dimensions of Environmental Issues”)
Climate and Society
Culture & Agriculture
Environmental Policy
Climate Change Ethics/Policy
Food, Agriculture, Environment
Globalization, Justice & Environment
Wilderness & Protctd Area Mgt
Environmental Justice Issues & Solutions
Topics in Environ Philosophy
Issues in the Anthropocene
Concept of Wilderness & PA
Special Topics
Total Hours6

Minimum Required Grade: C-