Electronics Technology A.A.S.

Steve Shen, Program Director

Students in the Electronics Technology program learn to troubleshoot, calibrate, test, and repair electronic components and circuit boards used in a wide range of electronic equipment including computers and communication equipment. Training includes working knowledge of direct and alternating current theory, semiconductor circuits, instrumentation, automatic controls, data communications, computerized communication links, and operational amplifiers. Students become familiar with robotics, electronic communications theory, and modes of RF communications.

Students are awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree upon successful completion of the program.

Associate of Applied Science - Electronics Technology

Missoula College

Degree Specific Credits: 62

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Catalog Year: 2018-2019


Electronics Technology Core Courses62
Total Hours62

Electronics Technology Core Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
CSCI 105Computer Fluency3
CSCI 113Programming with C++ I3
or CSCI 110 Programming - VB I
ETEC 105DC Circuit Analysis4
ETEC 106AC Circuit Analysis3
ETEC 113Circuits Lab1
ETEC 245Digital Electronics4
ETEC 250Solid State Electronics I4
ETEC 251Solid State Electronics II3
ETEC 260Data and Network Communication3
ETEC 265Control Systems4
ETEC 270Wireless Communications4
ETEC 275Microprocessors and Microcontrollers4
ETEC 299Electronics Capstone3
M 121College Algebra3
M 122College Trigonometry3
M 162Applied Calculus4
PSYX 100SIntro to Psychology3
SCN 175NIntegrated Physical Science I3
WRIT 101College Writing I3
or WRIT 121 Intro to Technical Writing
Total Hours62

Minimum Required Grade: C-