Biology - Organismal (BIOO)

BIOO 101N - Survey MT Wildlife & Habitats. 3 Credits.

Offered online autumn. Prereq., one course in biology. Interpreting biological patterns associated with selected Montana wildlife species, including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Course (N)

BIOO 105N - Introduction to Botany. 3.000 Credits.

Offered spring. Introduction to the plant kingdom including anatomy, physiology and ecology. Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Lab Course (N)

Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Course (N)

BIOO 320 - General Botany. 5 Credits.

Offered autumn. Prereq., BIOB 170N-171N, 260. Prereq. or coreq., BIOB 272. Anatomy, morphology, ecology and physiology of photosynthetic organisms.

BIOO 335 - Rocky Mountain Flora. 3.000 Credits.

Offered spring. Prereq., one college-level course in Biology or consent of instr. Elements of the evolution, geography and natural affinities of flowering plants. Identification using a manual of native plants of Montana.

BIOO 340 - Biology and Mgmnt of Fishes. 4.000 Credits.

Offered autumn. Prereq., BIOB 272 and either STAT 216 or WILD 240. Diversity, adaptations and ecology of fishes. Analysis and management of fish populations and communities.

BIOO 433 - Plant Physiology. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Prereq., BIOB 260 or consent of the instructor. The molecular, biochemical and biophysical basis of plant function, from the subcellular to the whole organism level.

BIOO 434 - Plant Physiology Lab. 1 Credit.

Offered spring. Prereq or coreq., BIOO 433. Laboratory exercises designed to familiarize students with concepts and techniques in plant physiology.

BIOO 462 - Entomology. 4.000 Credits.

Offered alternate springs. Prereq. or Coreq., BIOB 272. The classification, morphology, anatomy, development, life-history, behavior and ecology of insects. Labs include identification of major insect groups, internal and external anatomy and student collections.

BIOO 470 - Ornithology. 4.000 Credits.

Offered spring. Prereq. or Coreq., BIOB 272; major of biology, Pre-Wildlife Biology, or Wildlife Biology, and must be of junior or senior standing. The classification, structure, evolution, behavior and ecology of birds.

BIOO 475 - Mammalogy. 4.000 Credits.

Offered autumn. Prereq., BIOB 272. The evolution, systematics, anatomy, physiology and ecology of mammals.

BIOO 490 - Adv Undergrad Research. 1-10 Credits.

(R-10) Offered every term. Prereq., junior or senior standing and consent of instr. Independent research under the direction of a faculty member.