Computer Applications (CAPP)

CAPP 091 - Special Topics. 1-6 Credits.

(R-6) Offered intermittently. Offered at Missoula College. Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics. Credit does not count toward an Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, or Baccalaureate degree.

CAPP 120 - Introduction to Computers. 3 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Offered at Missoula College. Introduction to computer terminology, hardware, and software, including wire/wireless communications and multimedia devices. Students utilize word processing, spread sheet, database, and presentation applications to create projects common to business and industry in a networked computing environment. Internet research, email usage, and keyboarding proficiency are integrated.

CAPP 154 - MS Word. 3 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Offered at Missoula College. Prereq., CAPP 120 or consent of instructor. Preparation of business forms, correspondence, mail merges, columnar projects, and reports using up-to-date software. Business related application projects, graphics, and printer operation are included.

CAPP 156 - MS Excel. 3 Credits.

Offered autumn and spring. Offered at Missoula College. Prereq., CAPP 120. Emphasis on the use of workbooks and sheets to solve business problems. Includes projects relating to data and graphs/charts.

CAPP 171 - Communicating via Computers. 3.000 Credits.

Offered intermittently. Prereq., previous computer experience or consent of instr. The use of the computer for information presentation and communication; emphasis placed on the use of electronic resources for the access, management, and presentation of information.

CAPP 254 - Advanced MS Word. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Offered at Missoula College. Prereq., CAPP 154. Analysis of the concepts of advanced work processing document production underlying mastery of the software. Business-related application projects utilizing critical thinking included. Speed and timing component to increase skills essential for employment.

CAPP 292 - Independent Study. 1-6 Credits.

Offered at Missoula College. Course material appropriate to the needs and objectives of the individual student.