University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

International Development Studies Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate - International Development Studies


Core Courses6
Content Courses6
Total Hours12

Degree Specific Credits: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • At least half of the credits must be numbered 500 or above.
  • At least 6 credits of core courses. No limit on core-course credits toward the total of 12 credits. 
  • No more than 6 credits of content courses.


Core Courses
Complete two of the following courses:6
Social Issues:The Mekong Delta
The Politics of Food
Environmental Justice Issues and Solutions
Special Topics
Political Ecology
Environment & Development
Development Administration
Politics of the World Economy
Tourism & Protected Area Management: Striving for Sustainability
Sustainable Protected Area Management and Tourism
Special Topics (Sustaining Human Societies and Natural Environment)
Content Courses
Complete two of the following courses:6
Seminar in Contemporary Ethnography
International Business
Intercultural Communication
Special Topics (Hong Kong, Macau, South China: Communication, Culture, and Development (Study Abroad))
Multicultural Counseling
International Trade
Introduction to Environmental Economics & Climate Change
Advanced Topics in Economic Development
Climate Change: Mekong Delta
Foundation in Environmental Education
Latin American Human Rights & Memory
Community Forestry & Conservation
International Conservation & Development
Science and the Environment
Politics of Global Migration
Climate Policies: China & U.S.
Management and Policy Skills
Special Topics (Global Health Issues)
Special Topics (Politics of Europe)
Special Topics (International Security)
Environmental & Rural Health
Social Work Global Context
Total Hours12

Minimum Required Grade: C