Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies B.A.

Professor Elizabeth Hubble, Director of the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Students who choose the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) B.A. must register with the WGSS advisor, who will supervise their program.

Bachelor of Arts - Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

College Humanities & Sciences

Degree Specific Credits: 33

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Catalog Year: 2017-2018

General Education Requirements

Information regarding these requirements can be found in the General Education Section of the catalog. 


Required Courses15
Humanities Core
Social Science Core
Total Hours33

Required Courses

Rule: Take all of the following courses.

GH 151LIntroduction to Western Humanities Antiquity3
WGSS 163LHist/Lit Persp Women3
WGSS 263SSocial and Political Perspectives on Women, Men, and Sexuality3
WGSS 363Feminist Theory and Methods3
WGSS 463WGS Capstone2
Total Hours14
Minimum Required Grade: C-


Rule: Additional Elective WGSS Credits (18 credits (11 credits must be UD))

Note: Interdisciplinary courses and courses that appear on the WGSS curriculum list that do not fall within the Humanities and Social Science lists may be substituted with the approval of co-directors.
WGSS Internship/Independent Study (392, 398, 492) courses may count for either the Humanities Core or the Social Science Core, depending on the topic.
List of regularly offered courses that would fulfill the WGSS elective credits (unless indicated, all courses are 3 credits). (These courses are offered, in general, every one, two, or three years. Students are advised to check with the WGSS Office for individual semester course listings.)

Humanities Core

Select 9 credits from the following:9
Gender and Communication
Rhetorical Contruction of Women
Rhetoric of Women's Activism
Fathers and Daughters in Western Literary Traditions
Wmn Amer Colonial to Civil War
Wmn Amer Civil War to Present
Families & Children in America
Total Hours9
Minimum Required Grade: C-

Social Science Core

Select 9 credits from the following:9
Anthropology of Gender
Intimate Relationships
Counseling Theories
Psychology of Family Violence
Women & Soc Action Amer
Race, Gender & Class
Gender and Society
Sociology of the Family
Capstone: Inequal and Soc Just
Sociology of Poverty
Gender and Global Development
Media Representations of Women, Men, and Sexuality
Total Hours9
Minimum Required Grade: C-