History Minor

Minor - History

College of Humanities & Sciences

Degree Specific Credits: 20

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Catalog Year: 2019-2020

Note: A minimum of 20 credits in History are required, of which at least 9 must be upper-division.


Introductory History Courses8
History Elective Courses12
Total Hours20

Introductory History Courses

Note: Student must select either the regular or honors version of a course to apply to the requirement.

AP Policy: Those students scoring a "5" on either the American History or European History AP exam are excused from the above requirement. These students earn credit toward graduation but do not earn credit toward the history degree.

Complete two of the following courses:8
American History I
or HSTA 103H
Honors American History I
American History II
or HSTA 104H
Honors American History II
Western Civilization I
or HSTR 103H
Honors Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
or HSTR 104H
Honors Western Civilization II
Total Hours8

Minimum Required Grade: C-

History Electives

Complete 12 elective credits in American, European, and/or World History, at least 9 of which must be upper-division.12
Total Hours12

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Teaching History Track


  • This teaching track contains different/additional course requirements designed to meet state standards. Those interested in teaching in K-12 schools must complete the teaching track of a major in a teaching content area plus the Teacher Education Program through the Department of Teaching and Learning. Additional teaching areas can be added through completion of the teaching track of a major or minor in that content area.
  • To complete this teaching track, you need to contact the Teaching and Learning Department. You do not fill out a major/minor form for graduation or the major/minor/concentration section of the major change form. Approvals for this track must come from the Teaching and Learning Department.
  • Tracks will not appear on your UM transcript, diploma, university lists, student data system, or university publications. They are used for advising purposes only. You do not fill out a major change for a track.
  • Individuals completing the teaching track of this minor must also complete the teaching track of a major in another teaching content area.

Teaching Methods Requirement

Note: The EDU 497 course number is used for multiple courses. Students should register for EDU 497 Methods: 5-12 Social Studies.

Complete the following course:
EDU 497Teaching and Assessing4
Total Hours4

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Secondary Teaching Licensure

Note: For endorsement to teach history, a student also must gain admission to the Teacher Education Program and meet all the requirements for secondary teaching licensure. For more information, see the Teaching and Learning Department.