University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Psychology Ph.D. - Experimental Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy - Psychology; Experimental Psychology Concentration


Core Courses21
Required Courses51
Total Hours72

Degree Specific Credits: 72

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • MA degree is conferred on route to the terminal doctoral degree based on credits and completion of the MA Thesis Project.
  • This is an Experimental Psychology program. As such, it is expected that students will be engaged in research in some form in almost every term they are in our program.
  • The exact nature of this will be arranged with the faculty advisor. Students are urged to conduct research not only with their primary advisor, but with at least one other member of the Psychology Department faculty as well.
  • Each student’s program of study will be at least somewhat individualized. Thus, the specific courses a student takes and the sequence of those courses will be decided upon in careful consultation with a primary advisor (or advisors) in the student’s major area.
  • In addition to faculty in a student’s major area, all faculty within the Psychology Department should be viewed as potential resource persons available to enrich the training experience of all Experimental students.


Core Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
PSYX 522Multivariate Statistics3
PSYX 540Advanced Development Psychology3
PSYX 550Advanced Social Psychology3
PSYX 551Advanced Personality3
PSYX 560Advanced Learning & Cognition3
PSYX 565Advanced Cognition3
PSYX 571Advanced Physiological Psychology3
Required Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
PSYX 501Teaching of Psychology3
PSYX 520Advanced Psychological Statistics I3
PSYX 521Advanced Psychological Statistics II4
PSYX 523Research Design3
PSYX 599Thesis/Research Project1-9
PSYX 699Dissertation1-18
PSYX 594/694Seminar1-12
PSYX 597/697Research1-9
Total Hours38-82

Minimum Required Grade: C