University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Secondary Licensure

Students preparing to teach at the middle or high school levels (license for grades 5-12) will declare a major in the subject area(s) they wish to teach, e.g., English, mathematics, or any other of the state-approved major content endorsement areas listed previously. They are advised within their major department(s) and, upon admission to the Teacher Education Program, they also are advised within the Department of Teaching and Learning regarding the requirements necessary to earn secondary licensure. All secondary licensure students seek admission to the Teacher Education Program, usually at the end of the sophomore year.

Applicants for Montana teaching licensure must satisfy all degree and licensure requirements as outlined below and those set forth by the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Information about the Teacher Education Program is available in the department office or on the College of Education website.

Teaching Licensure - Secondary Certification


Teacher Education Program Prerequisite3
Additional Licensure Requirements5
Education Coursework15
Education Field Experiences2
Student Teaching Field Experience15
Total Hours40

Degree Specific Credits: 38

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.75

Note: The Teacher Education Program coursework is completed in addition to the education concentration of a major in a teaching content area and leads to secondary (5-12) or K-12 teaching licensure in that content area. Individuals must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll in any EDU courses. See the Teaching and Learning website for additional information regarding admission.

Teacher Education Program Prerequisite

Note: This course must be completed before applying to the Teacher Education Program.

Complete the following course:
WRIT 101College Writing I3
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Additional Licensure Requirements

Note: Students may take any NASX course to fulfill this requirement. If you choose to take a course with a Native American focus outside of the Native American Studies Department, please consult with your Teaching and Learning advisor for approval.

Complete the following course:
EDU 360Promoting Wellbeing in P-12 Classrooms2
NASX 105HIntroduction to Native American Studies (or any other NASX course)3
Total Hours5

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Education Coursework

Note: Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required to enroll in the following courses.


  • Math and Business majors are not required to complete EDU 370. They meet the technology requirement through departmental requirements.
  • Music majors do not complete EDU 370 nor EDU 481. They meet the technology and literacy requirements through departmental requirements.
  • English majors do not complete EDU 481. They meet the literacy requirement through departmental requirements.
  • All students must complete major and/or minor teaching methods courses specific to their content areas. These methods course requirements are listed within the requirements for each program of study.
Complete all of the following courses:
EDU 221Ed Psych & Measuremnt3
EDU 345Exceptionality & Classroom Management3
EDU 370Integrating Technology into Education3
EDU 407EEthics & Policy Issues3
EDU 481Content Area Literacy3
Total Hours15

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Education Field Experiences

Note: Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required to enroll in the following courses. EDU 202 is a prerequisite to EDU 395EDU 395 is taken concurrently with the content-specific methods course.

Complete all of the following courses:
EDU 202Early Field Experience1
EDU 395Clinical Experience1
Total Hours2

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Student Teaching Field Experience

Note: All content, methods, and education courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the student teaching semester. An application is required to determine student teaching eligibility. See Teacher Education Services or the Office of Field Experiences for deadlines. The EDU 494 course is completed for 1 credit and the EDU 495 course is completed for 14 credits.

Complete all of the following courses:
EDU 494Seminar: Applied Research & Reflective Practice1
EDU 495Student Teaching14
Total Hours15

Minimum Required Grade: C-