University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

History of Religions Certificate

Post-secondary Certificate - History of Religions


Core Courses6
Total Hours12

Degree Specific Credits: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Core Courses

Complete two of the following courses:6
Western Civilization I
Honors Western Civilization I
History of the Bible
God- Past, Puzzle, Present
Total Hours6

Minimum Required Grade: C-


Note: Special Topics/Experimental courses may count toward the elective requirement with the approval the History Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Complete 6 credits of the following courses:6
Voodoo, Muslim, Church: Black Religion
Prayer & Civil Rights
History of the Bible
Islamic Civilization: Classical Age
Islamic Civ: Modrn Era
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Religion and Violence
Origins of Western Religion
Prophets and Prophecy
The Roman Empire
History of the Ancient Near East

Minimum Required Grade: C-