University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts and Certificate Admission

The Associate of Applied Science and Certificate of Applied Science programs in the Missoula College are designed to lead an individual directly to employment in a specific career path. In some instances, particularly in allied health, the degree is a prerequisite for taking a licensing examination. Students may pursue a baccalaureate degree at the University of Montana after completing an AAS degree through a Bachelor of Applied Science degree plan. The Associate of Arts degree is a University of Montana transfer degree which offers students the opportunity to complete a 60 credit transfer degree toward completing a baccalaureate degree at the University of Montana or other accredited institutions of higher education.

Academic Eligibility

To be eligible for admission, students must have graduated from an accredited high school or passed the HiSET or GED. Students interested in becoming University of Montana (Mountain Campus) students must meet the admission requirements of the University of Montana.

How to Apply

Applications are available on the Missoula College website.

An application for admission is complete when the Missoula College receives the credentials described below.

  1. Application form. Applications must be completed and signed.
  2. Application fee. The fee is $30. This non-refundable application fee is payable once at the undergraduate level provided payment is followed by enrollment. Record of payment will remain on file for one year for students who do not enroll. The University of Montana-Missoula waives the application fee for students who have attended an affiliate campus: Montana Tech and the Missoula College, UM Helena College of Technology, and University of Montana-Western.
  3. Proof of high school graduation/HiSET/GED. An official high school transcript with graduation date or GED score report must be sent to the Missoula College.
  4. All students are required to submit a completed Medical Requirement Form to the Curry Health Center two weeks prior to registration. It is important that the immunization record be complete and accurate and validated by a health official. Students born after December 31, 1956 must submit proof of immunization or titer against Rubella and measles (Rubeola). Students will not be allowed to register until the Curry Health Center has received proof of immunization.

Critical Information Required Prior to Advising and Completion of Registration:

All students are required to take either the ACT, SAT or Compass-E-Write test and submit scores (associated with writing) to the Admissions Office. Montana students may submit the Montana University System Writing Assessment Score (MUSWA) in lieu of these tests.

In addition to providing the required placement scores for writing courses, the academic departments of the Missoula College require course placement information for math courses. Students must provide ALEKS placement score information or transfer course approval. This information is critical to the advising process and  the student registration process; neither of which will be completed without the information being supplied prior to the process.

When to Apply

Applications are considered on a first come, first-served basis. The Missoula College will notify applicants of their status once their application has been processed.