University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

G. Qualifications of Graduate Committee Members

For purposes of C6.000 and D4.000, a "qualified" graduate committee member is one satisfying the following standards:

  1. He or she must have a degree which is at least at the level of the degree to be awarded. Programs may petition for exemption to this policy on the grounds that a prospective member possesses specialized experience and expertise relevant to the student's thesis, professional paper, or dissertation. All such petitions must be submitted to and approved by the dean of the Graduate School.
  2. For UM faculty, he or she must be involved in on-going scholarship, creative works, or professional activities relating to his or her discipline and must continue to receive normal salary increases. At the close of the annual or biennial faculty evaluation process, any faculty member receiving a less-than-normal salary increase due to deficiencies in scholarship, creative works, or professional activities shall lose his or her eligibility to serve on graduate committees until completion of the next review. The dean of the Graduate School is responsible for requesting a list of these faculty members from the academic deans and notifying them in writing of their lost eligibility.