University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Counselor Education M.A. - Mental Health Counseling

Master of Arts - Counselor Education; Mental Health Counseling Concentration


Required Core Courses42
Mental Health Counseling Track Required Courses12
Approved Electives6
Total Hours60

Degree Specific Credits: 60

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • The Department of Counseling does not require specific undergraduate degree for admission. However, the following undergraduate prerequisites are required and must be complete prior to enrollment or during the first year of graduate study. These can be completed “credit/no credit.”
    • Developmental psychology or equivalent
    • Abnormal psychology
    • Basic statistics and/or educational measurement


Required Core Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
COUN 510Introduction to Counseling1
COUN 511Theories & Technology of Counseling3
COUN 512Counseling Fundamentals3
COUN 520Group Counseling & Guidance3
COUN 530Applied Counseling Skills3
COUN 540Individual Appraisal3
COUN 545Counseling Research & Progress Evaluation3
COUN 550Introduction to Family Counseling3
COUN 555Risk & Resiliency3
COUN 560Lifespan Developmental Counseling3
COUN 570Career Counseling Theory & Technology3
COUN 575Multicultural Counseling3
COUN 595Special Topics (Addictions Counseling) 13
COUN 589Comprehensive Project1
COUN 595Special Topics (Psychopharmacology)1
COUN 610Professional Ethics and Orientation3
Mental Health Counseling Track Required Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
COUN 585Counseling Methods: School & Agency (Internship)6
COUN 615Diagnosis/Treatment Planning in Counseling3
COUN 625Introduction to Mental Health Systems3
6 credits of graduate level electives are required 26
Total Hours60

Or similar course from another department with advisor approval.


When applicable to our course load, the Department will offer Counseling Electives focused on a particular area of study. Students intending to pursue LAC or LMFT must take COUN 580 and/or COUN 550, respectively, before enrolling in advanced elective courses. Students may also consult with their faculty advisor for additional graduate course offering appropriate to their major. Students may wish to complete additional internship credits as part of their elective requirement. Please work with your advisor.

Minimum Required Grade: C