University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

World Languages and Cultures B.A.

Bachelor of Arts - World Languages and Cultures


Lower-Division Language Requirement12-20
Lower-Division Cultures Requirement12
Upper-Division Electives27
Total Hours51-59

Degree Specific Credits: 51-59

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.00

Lower-Division Language Requirement

Rule: Complete two years in a single language:  Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, or Russian. 

Complete one of the following language sequences:12-20
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Elementary Greek I
Elementary Greek II
Intermediate Greek I
Intermediate Greek II
Elementary German I
Elementary German II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Elementary Japanese I
Elementary Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Elementary Latin I
Elementary Latin II
Intermediate Latin I
Intermediate Latin II
Elementary Russian I
Elementary Russian II
Intermediate Russian I
Intermediate Russian II
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Total Hours12-20

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Lower-Division Cultures Requirement

Rule: Complete four courses from the following list of Languages and Culture Courses.

Complete four of the following courses:12
Intro to South & S. East Asia
Intro Latin American Studies
Food and Culture
The Silk Road
Culture & Society
Central Asian Culture and Civilization
Classical Mythology
Environment & Nature in Classical World
The Epic
Greek Drama: Politics on Stage
Introduction to German Culture and Civilization
Japanese Culture & Civilization
Intro to Russian Culture
Introduction to India
Total Hours12

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Upper-Division Electives

Complete 27 credits of the following courses:27
The Arab World
Advanced Chinese I
Chinese Poetry in Translation
Traditional Chinese Literature
Chinese Folktales
Readings in Classical Chinese
Women in Antiquity
Ancient Greek Civilization and Culture
Intro to Literature in French
Advanced Grammar/Oral and Written Expression
Advanced French Grammar and Oral Expression II
French Literature and Culture: Middle Ages and Renaissance
French Literature and Culture: 17th 18th Centuries
French Literature Culture: Long 19th Century
Literature and Culture III: French and Francophone Literatures and Cultures of the 20th Century
The French Cinema
Survey of African Cinema
French Civilization & Culture
Studies in French Prose
Studies in French Drama
Studies in French Poetry
Major Greek Writers
Studies in German Language, Media, and Culture I
Studies in German Language, Media, and Culture II
Practicum in German Language
Introduction to German Literature
Introduction to Multicultural Literature in Contemporary Germany
Survey of German Cinema
Nature and the Environment in German Literature and Film
German Culture & Civilization
German Culture: Beginnings to Romanticism
Germ Culture: Romanticism to the Present
German Literature 1760-1832
19th Century German Literature
20th and 21st Century German Literature
Seminar in German Studies
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Literature in the Irish Lang
The Literature of pre-Norman Ireland
The Politics of Culture: Irish America, the Gaelic Revival, and the Easter Rising
Irish/N Irish Literature
Ireland and America in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution
The Irish Conflict: 1968-1998
The Irish and their Language
Topics in Irish Studies
Contemporary Irish Women's Writing
Rockin' Rebels: Popular Irish Music from Traditional to Punk
Advanced Japanese
Advanced Japanese
Japanese for Business and Tourism
Jpns Lit Medieval to Mod
Japanese Film and Anime
Modern Japanese Writers and Thinkers
Introduction to Classical Japanese
Advanced Japanese for Professionals
Post-War Japanese Literature
Major Latin Authors
Russian: Oral & Written Expression I
Russian: Oral and Written Expression II
Evil and the Supernatural in Russian Literature
Beauty, Power and Pride in Russian Literature
19th-Century Russian Authors
20th-Century Russian Authors
Russian Short Story
Russian Poetry
Topics in Comparative Literature & Religion
Contemporary Buddhism in SSEA
Spanish: Oral and Written Expression
Spanish in Oral and Written Expression II
Spanish Phonetics
Commercial Spanish
Intensive Spanish Abroad
Advanced Conversations
Contemporary Spanish Lit
Cultures and Societies of Latin America
Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Spanish: Advanced Composition & Conversation
Latin American Literature
Spanish Literature: Renaissance and Golden Age
Spanish Literature: Modern & Contemporary

Minimum Required Grade: C-