South & Southeast Asian Studies (SSEA)

SSEA 191 - Special Topics. 1-6 Credits.

(R-6) Offered intermittently. Experimental offerings by visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, and/or one-time offerings of current topics.

SSEA 202X - Introduction to India. 3 Credits.

Offered alternate years. This course introduces students to the history, economy, political and legal system, society, culture, religions, and literary and artistic traditions of India, which is the world's largest secular democracy and the birthplace of four major world religions.

Gen Ed Attributes: Historical Studies, Cultural & International Diversity

SSEA 328L - Gender Sexuality India. 3 Credits.

Examines the changing representation of gender and sexuality in Indian films over the last six decades. India has the largest film industry in the world, and films are the most important cultural unifier in the country. We will look at gender and sexuality in relation to religion, family, and the state, examining women's changing roles, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender, patterns of kinship and friendship.

SSEA 330X - Peoples and Cultures of World. 3 Credits.

Offered intermittently. Same as ANTY 330X. Ethnographic survey of societies and cultures of Indonesia and the Philippines.

SSEA 342 - Topics in Comparative Literature & Religion. 3 Credits.

Offered intermittently.  Same as LSH 342.  These courses compare major traditions, texts and trends in two or more world civilizations or cultures.  Works of literature and/or philosophy are examined in their historical contexts, and in relation to each other.

SSEA 368 - Contemporary Buddhism in SSEA. 3 Credits.

Offered intermittently. No prerequisites.  Like other major religions, modernity and globalization have presented profound challenges to Buddhist traditions.  In this course we will explore various contemporary issues that have affected Theravada Buddhist societies-colonial and post-colonial revivalism, religious nationalism, women's rights and social reform-as case studies of some of the major ways religions have confronted modernity.