Gerontology Minor

Students in the Gerontology Minor program will study issues of aging from an interdisciplinary perspective and come to understand the interplay between them, including the health and medical as well as social and psychological needs of older persons. Although this interdisciplinary minor is housed in the School of Social Work, students in other majors may complete the minor in consultation with both the Chair of the Gerontology Minor and the students academic advisors in their respective departments. Students must consult with their major advisor to select electives, practicum or volunteer experiences, and to integrate courses that will meet the requirements of the minor.

Minor - Gerontology 

College of Health 

Catalog Year: 2022-23


Core Courses12
Integrating Courses3
Practicum Courses3-5
Gerontology Electives3
Total Hours21-23

Degree Specific Credits: 21-23

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Core Courses

Note:These courses provide students with a common knowledge base through an introduction to gerontology and study of three core areas: social aspects, psychological aspects, and health aspects of aging.

Complete all of the following courses:
AHHS 325Introduction to Gerontology3
AHHS 430Health Aspects of Aging3
PSYX 233Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging3
S W 455Social Gerontology3
Total Hours12

Minimum Required Grade: C- 

Integrating Courses

Notes: In each of the following majors, a course has been identified that will integrate the core course content with information and concepts within the major. A similar course will be identified in other majors not listed here. 

Nursing students can also take NRSG 377 through Montana State University with approval by advisor.

Complete one of the following courses:3
Acquired Communication and Swallowing Disorders (for Communication Sciences & Disorders majors)
Exercise Disease & Aging (for Health and Human Performance majors)
Therapeutics I (for Pharmacy majors)
Geriatric PT (for Physical Therapy majors)
Sociology of the Family (for Psychology, Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies majors)
Human Behavior & Social Environment (for Social Work majors)
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Practicum Courses

Notes: The courses provide experience working with both well and/or frail older persons.

Nursing students can also take NRSG 454 through Montana State University with approval by advisor.

Students in majors that do not have access to a practicum course can enroll in AHHS 395 for up to 3 credits of service learning experience compatible with the student's major and interests.

Complete at least 3 credits from the following courses:3-5
Geriatric Practicum (for Communicative Sciences & Disorders majors)
Internship (for Health & Human Performance majors)
Geriatric APPE (for Pharmacy majors)
Integrated Clinical Experience I
and Integrated Clinical Experience II ( for Physical Therapy majors)
Internship (for Psychology majors)
Internship (for Social Work majors)
Field Work Practicum
Internship (for Sociology majors)
Coop Education/Internship (for Women’s & Gender Studies majors)
Total Hours3-5

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Gerontology Electives

Note: A student must take a minimum of 3 elective credits with at least 25% of the content focused on gerontology. Students may petition for approval of another elective course.

Complete one of the following courses:3
MGS Meeting
Geriatric Health Issues
Special Topics (Geriatric Healthcare)
Medical Ethics
Culture, Health, and Healing
Social Interaction and Human Well-Being
American Indian Health Issues
Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics
Fundamentals of Memory and Cognition
Psychology of Family Violence
Death, Dying and Grief
Sociology of the Family
Special Topics (Sociology of Health & Illness)
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-