University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Undergraduate Nondegree Status

An applicant who wishes to pursue studies for his or her personal growth and who does not wish to work toward a formal degree at the University of Montana-Missoula may apply as an undergraduate nondegree student. This option is not available to freshmen unless they are applying to the Missoula College. Each applicant should understand that acceptance to this category does not constitute acceptance into a degree granting program. Applicants admitted as undergraduate nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Academic Eligibility

Each applicant must certify on the application form that he or she has graduated from a high school that is fully accredited by its state department of education, or has passed the HiSET or General Educational Development (GED) test. This category is not open to students currently on academic suspension from The University of Montana.

If a person is admitted as an undergraduate non-degree student and later wishes to change to a degree program, he or she will be required to file an application for readmission, furnish the required supporting credentials and meet the regular admissions standards for the intended program. Readmission applications are available from The Office of Admissions, the Missoula College, or the Registrar's Office.

How to Apply

Applications for admission are available from Enrollment Services-Admissions by request or are available on the UM Admissions website.

Receipt of the following credentials in The Office of Admissions or the Missoula College constitutes a complete application for admission to the undergraduate nondegree status:

  1. Application form. Applications must be complete and signed.
  2. Application fee. The fee is $30.00. This non-refundable fee is payable once at the undergraduate level provided payment is followed by enrollment. Record of payment will remain on file for one year for students who do not enroll. An application cannot be considered prior to payment of this fee. The University of Montana-Missoula waives the application fee for students who have attended an affiliate campus: Montana Tech and the Division of Technology, Helena College of Technology, and University of Montana-Western.
  3. Immunization Form. All applicants are required to submit a completed Medical Requirement Form to the Curry Health Center two weeks prior to matriculation. The form must be complete, accurate and validated by a health official.

When to Apply

Applications and all required documents submitted by the following dates will receive priority consideration:

  • March 1 - Autumn semester
  • November 15 - Spring semester

Applications received after the priority dates are considered on a space-available basis.