University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Irish Studies Minor

The Department of English offers an interdisciplinary minor in Irish Studies, which provides students access to instruction in Irish language, history, literature, and culture. This academic and artistic approach to Irish culture involves an interdisciplinary and inter-collegiate collaboration that brings together leading scholars in the humanities and the creative arts.

Minor - Irish Studies


Foundational Courses11
Irish Literature Course3
Minor Electives6
Total Hours20

Degree Specific Credits: 20

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Note: Irish Studies students must earn at least 18 credits. These credits will include both the required coursework and electives.

Foundational Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
IRSH 101Elementary Irish4
IRSH 102Elementary Irish II4
Complete one of the following courses:3
The Irish
Literature in the Irish Lang
Irish/N Irish Literature
Total Hours11

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Irish Literature Course

Note: LIT 331 can count for the Irish Studies minor when the course focuses on an Irish author (e.g. James Joyce).

Complete 3 credits from the following courses:3
Literature in the Irish Lang
Irish/N Irish Literature
Topics in Irish Studies
Special Topics
Major Author/s
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Minor Electives


  • Irish Theater is offered intermittently through the College of Visual and Performing Arts as THTR 391.
  • Students who wish to continue with Irish language through the 202 level may do so, but only Irish language IRSH 103 and IRSH 201 can count for minor electives.
  • LIT 376 & LIT 391 may count toward the Irish Studies minor when the topics cover Irish themes, content, and literature.
Complete 6 credits from the following courses:6
Dance Forms: Irish
Elementary Irish III
Intermediate Irish I
Topics in Irish Studies
Special topics
Independent Study
Literature & Other Disciplines
Special Topics
Special Topics/Experimental Courses
Total Hours6

Minimum Required Grade: C-