Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Master of Social Work

College of Health

Catalog Year: 2022-23


Generalist required courses29
Specialized required courses22
Total Hours60

Degree Specific Credits: 60

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


Generalist Required Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
S W 500Orientation1
S W 505Foundations of Social Work Practice2
S W 510Human Behavior and Social Environment I3
S W 511Human Behavior and Social Intervention II3
S W 515Practicum with Individuals & Families3
S W 520SW Research Methods3
S W 525Practicum in Groups & Communities4
S W 530History of Social Policy3
S W 532Indian Child Welfare Act1
S W 576Found Integrative Seminar I1
S W 577Found Integrative Seminar II1
S W 586Found Practicum I2
S W 587Found Practicum II2
Specialized Required Courses
Complete all of the following courses:
S W 521Advanced Research3
S W 531Social Policy Analysis3
S W 535Advanced Practice4
S W 545Organizational Leadership3
S W 578Advanced Seminar I1
S W 579Advanced Seminar II1
S W 588Concentration Practicum I3
S W 589Concentration Practicum II3
S W 593Professional Portfolio1
Total Hours51

Minimum Required Grade: C

Micro-Practice Emphasis - Optional

Micro practice emphasizes the development of clinical skills and a repertoire of theoretical knowledge relevant to direct practice with individuals, small groups, couples, and families. Students concentrating in micro practice will complete specialization-year practicum hours in settings that provide opportunities for direct clinical practice, such as community, school-based, and residential mental health programs, child and family services, hospice care, and medical settings. Students choose elective courses that further their development of knowledge and skills for clinical practice.

Possible electives include:

S W 420Child Abuse/Child Welfare3
S W 423Addiction Studies3
SW 4253
S W 450Children and Youth at Risk3
S W 455Social Gerontology3
S W 475Death, Dying and Grief3
S W 551Couples and Family Therapy3
S W 552Psychopathology & S W3
S W 553Social Work Addictions3

Minimum Required Grade: C

Macro-Practice Emphasis - Optional

Macro practice emphasizes the development of skills and a repertoire of theoretical knowledge relevant to community, organizational, and political practice (e.g. program planning and development, neighborhood development, organizational administration and management, community organizing, and legislative advocacy). Students concentrating in macro practice will complete concentration-year practicum hours in settings that provide opportunities to develop skills in planning, development, advocacy, and social action, such as local and regional development corporations, social action and rights-based organizations, and action-research centers. Students choose electives that further development of their skills in community building, organization, and advocacy. Possible electives and certificate programs can be found on the UM Graduate School website. Of particular interest may be:

Extra-departmental courses, as well as graduate-level courses in other relevant disciplines such as environmental studies, political science, and sociology may also be taken as electives. You will be informed of new electives courses offered by the School of Social Work as they are added.