University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Environmental Ethics Certificate

Post-Secondary Certificate - Environmental Ethics


Required Courses6
Elective Courses6
Total Hours12

Degree Specifics: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Required Courses

Rule: Only one of these courses may be taken at the 100-level.

Complete two of the following core ethics courses:6
Introduction to Ethics
Intro Ethics and Environment
Ethics of Climate Change
Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy and Animals
Total Hours6

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Elective Courses

Complete two of the following courses (at least one must be at the 400 or 500 level):6
Rhetoric, Nature, and Environmentalism
Communication, Consumption, and Climate
Sustainable Communities
Nature and Society
Earth Ethics
Literature of the Earth
Environmental Politics & Policies
TEK of Indigenous Peoples
US Environmental Movement
Culture & Agriculture
Food Justice and Sustainability
Globalization, Justice & Environment
Environmental Justice Issues & Solutions
Environmental History
Ecological Perspectives in Native American Traditions
Native American Beliefs and Philosophy
Elements of Ecological Restoration
Climate and Society
Climate Change Ethics and Policy
Wildland Conservation Policy/Governance
Wilderness and Civilization
Ethics and Sustainability
Moral Philosophy
Ethics of Climate Change
Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Aesthetics
Philosophy and Animals
Issues in the Anthropocene
Global Environmental Politics
Environmental Policy
Wilderness & Protected Area Management
Environmental Sociology
Total Hours6

Minimum Required Grade: C-