University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master of Business Administration


Course Requirements19
Elective Courses13
Total Hours32

Degree Specific Credits: 32

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • The MBA program is a 32 credit-hour professional curriculum that requires 19 credits of core courses and 13 credits of electives.
  • Depending on previous undergraduate coursework, students may be required to take an additional 15 credits of foundation courses.
  • There is no thesis requirement for the MBA program; instead, students must complete an integrated project course that is part of the core course requirements.
  • Full-time students with a previous undergraduate degree in business can complete the accelerated program in one year.
  • Part-time students can earn their degree in two to five years.  For those who do not have an undergraduate degree in business, UM provides the required prerequisites in five online courses. Please visit our foundation courses link if you do not have an undergrad in business.

Courses Requirements

Complete all of the following courses:
ACTG 605Administrative Controls2
BFIN 681Financial Management2
BMGT 604Competitive Strategy1
BMGT 640Organizational Behavior2
BMGT 650Business Ethics1
BMGT 665Strategic Mgmt Seminar2
BMGT 685International Business2
BMIS 650Quantitative Analysis2
BMIS 674Management of Information Systems2
BMKT 660Marketing Management2
MBA 603Integrated Project1
Total Hours19

Minimum Required Grade: C

Elective Courses

Note: Masters of Business Administration students can choose from a wide selection of electives. Most elective courses are offered as one credit weekend classes in Missoula or zoom delivered.  In addition, we offer several daytime on-campus and flex delivery electives. Students can receive credit for independent study and internships that help them gain practical experience in their field of interest. Finally, students have the option of completing a study abroad and / or participate in an exchange program to enhance their global training.  Also acceptable, per approval, are up to 6 credits of 400-level courses taken for graduate credit.

Complete 13 credits of elective courses.13
Total Hours13

Minimum Required Grade: C