Business Analytics M.S.

Master of Science - Business Analytics

College of Business

Catalog Year: 2022-23


Course Requirements21
Elective Courses11
Total Hours32

Degree Specific Credits: 32

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • The Masters of Business Analytics (MSBA) is a 32 credit, one year program, offered through flexible delivery, either on campus or off campus using Zoom technology.
  • Upon completion of the program foundation classes, the one year MSBA consists of 21 credits of required courses and 11 credits of electives, to assist in self-designing a program to meet your individualized needs.
  • All coursework focuses on providing experience with both hard technical skills and soft business skills.
  • The core curriculum includes the study of business intelligence, big data analytics, business statistics, statistical computing, data mining and management, and communicating insights based on data analysis and associated decision-making.
  • Prior to starting the MSBA program, student must complete the required foundations courses. 

Course Requirements

Complete all of the following courses:
BMIS 601Business Intelligence3
BMIS 625Mining of Text & Unstructured Data3
BMKT 642Advanced Marketing Research3
BMKT 670Applied Data Analytics3
BMKT 673Advanced Applied Modeling3
BMKT 680Big Data and Innovation3
BMKT 699Capstone3
Internship/Work Experience
Total Hours21

Minimum Required Grade: C

Elective Courses


  • A wide variety of elective opportunities allows students to customize the program to their own career goals. The electives listed below are a sample of the electives that are available. Having an array of options allows students to design the MSBA program to meet their needs. Electives also include independent studies and internships.
    • Integrated Online Marketing
    • Data Visualization
    • Applications of Mining Big Data
    • Investigations
    • Digital Tech in the Arts I
    • Introduction to Consulting
    • Management of Information Systems
  • Explore full descriptions of core classes and electives in the MSBA program.
Complete 11 credits of elective courses.11
Total Hours11