University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Student Services

UM Housing/UM Dining

UM Housing

The University of Montana-Missoula residence halls are a part of the University and Missoula communities. The campus is a center for educational, cultural, and social activities. Residing in UM housing places the student at the center of these activities. Our mission is to provide safe, clean, healthy and affordable living and learning facilities that foster an inclusive community living environment for students, staff, faculty, and guests. Services provided in these facilities support and nurture educational experiences and personal development at the University of Montana. The University houses nearly 2,300 students in nine residence halls on campus. The residence halls staff is made up of resourceful people. Sharing ideas, observations, or questions with them will benefit residents. Resident assistants offer help and resources when students experience problems with University life. The residence hall room rate includes a furnished room with all utilities, use of laundry facilities, Internet access, and cable TV.

The Montana Board of Regents requires all freshmen and students who have earned fewer than 30 semester credits to reside in the University's residence halls. Students are required to continue living in the residence halls for two semesters or until the student earns 30 semester credits. Any student who moves in to the residence halls at the beginning of the semester is required to reside in the residence halls for the entire semester. Students must be enrolled for at least seven credits to be eligible to live in a residence hall unless they have prior approval from the Director of UM Housing. Exceptions to residence hall living may be made for students who reside with a family member and for students who are married or are single parents. Other exceptions are made under special circumstances on an individual basis. Any student requesting an exception to the residency requirements must submit a request in writing, accompanied by supporting documentation, to the Director of UM Housing. Students are not released from the residency requirements until they receive an official notification from the Director of UM Housing. Students who have earned 30 semester credits or more are not subject to the residency requirements, but are encouraged to live on campus. Housing in the residence halls is assigned on an Academic Year basis, including Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Students requesting to move out during the semester or at the end of Fall Semester must be approved. Housing is available for Spring Semester only for newly admitted students for Spring Semester. All students living in the residence halls are required to contract for one of the on-campus meal plans with UM Dining.

Rooms in residence halls are assigned in order of application completion. The residence halls application is accompanied by a $225.00 fee. $25.00 is a non-refundable processing fee, and $200.00 is a prepayment for housing. Application forms, cancellation policies, and additional information may be obtained from the UM Housing Office website.

UM Disability Services for Students and UM Housing work together to ensure that students with disabilities can participate in all UM Housing programs. If you have a disability and will need to request reasonable modifications for housing, please indicate the type of modifications you are requesting on the housing application and contact Disability Services for Students. Medical documentation may be required. Please note that timely housing applications and requests for accessibility are critical if you wish to have accessible housing when you arrive on campus. To contact Disability Services for Students, please call 406-243-2243.

Lewis & Clark Village

(Upperclass and Graduate Housing)

Lewis & Clark Village offers two and three-bedroom apartments designated for single students without dependents at the University of Montana who will have accumulated at least 60 credit hours by the time they move into the apartments. Lewis & Clark Village is also available to single students who have acquired 30-59 credits and have a 3.0+ GPA with no prior conduct. The apartments are located off campus just south of Dornblaser Stadium on South Higgins Avenue. They are within easy walking or biking distance from the University and are adjacent to the Park n' Ride, which provides free and easy transportation to the UM campus. The apartments are furnished with all utilities paid including cable TV and Internet access.

Prospective tenants may submit applications together with a requested roommate(s). If a tenant does not have a roommate preference, UM Housing will assign roommates based on like gender. As space allows, we will attempt to take in to consideration other living preferences such as age, smoking, alcohol tolerance, and length of agreement.

Applications for the Lewis & Clark Village are available from the UM Housing website. Your application must be accompanied by $375.00, $25.00 of which is a non-refundable processing fee, and $350.00 of which is a security deposit.

A complete set of policies, photos, and a site map are available on the UM Housing website.

University Villages

The University has 566 apartments for married students, single students with dependents, and students with disabilities who have a live-in care attendant. All apartments are within walking distance of the campus. University Villages consists of three villages with units ranging from studio to four-bedroom apartments.

Housing is assigned according to the date of application and notification is given approximately twenty (20) days before housing becomes available. All applications must be updated every six (6) months in order for applicants to remain on the assignment list. A $350.00 security deposit must be submitted when an apartment is assigned. The security deposit is refundable when the rental agreement is terminated provided the apartment rental fees are current and no damage or cleaning fees are assessed. The security deposit is forfeited if the student cancels after accepting the assigned apartment.

Due to the demand for University Villages housing, applications for University Villages should be submitted well in advance before the desired move-in date. Applications mus be accompanied by a $25.00 non-refundable processing fee. To apply for University Villages or for additional information on eligibility and policies, visit the UM Housing website.

Personal Property

The University of Montana-Missoula is not responsible, by state law, for damage to, or theft of, the personal property of students on campus (for example: damage to clothing or a stereo due to fire, smoke or water). Students are encouraged to adequately insure their personal property and to protect their property by locking their room/apartment and car and taking other simple precautions to prevent theft and damage.

UM Dining

Winner of 22 international dining awards and home to nationally renowned chefs, University Dining Services (UDS) is dedicated to bringing you a variety of delicious, well-balanced meals at reasonable prices. Our extensive selection of dining options include: the Food Zoo, Food Course in the UC, the Corner Store, The Market, Pizza Hut, the Iron Griz, La Peak, Biz Buzz, Think Tank, Sidebar, and Recess. All University Dining Services and Jus Chilln' locations accept cash, checks, Visa/Mastercard, UMoney and appropriate meal plans.

Meal Plans

To ensure you have healthy and nutritious food options, The University of Montana requires students living in a residence hall to purchase a meal plan. A meal plan is a pre-paid purchase of meals for the entire semester. UM Dining Services offers two meal plans designed for students living on campus: the ALL CAMPUS and the LOMMASSON PLUS. Each plan provides a Weekly Meal Plan Fund designed to ensure that meals can be purchased for the entire semester. Food purchases are deducted from your Weekly Meal Plan Fund and may be used as quickly or as modestly as you choose. Weekly Meal Plan Funds reset every Sunday morning; unused Weekly Meal Plan Funds are NOT carried forward from one week to the next. For full details, visit the UM Dining Services website and click on "Meal Plans" or call 406-243-6325. The ALL CAMPUS Meal Plan provides campus-wide dining flexibility and is accepted at all Dining Services locations. The LOMMASSON PLUS Meal Plan is accepted at the Lommasson Center restaurants (The Food Zoo, Cascade Country Store), La Peak, and Jus' Chill'n located in the Campus Fitness and Recreation Center.

A student may convert their meal plan from ALL CAMPUS to the LOMMASSON PLUS Meal Plan only once during the first two weeks of the semester. Upgrades, from the LOMMASSON PLUS Meal Plan to the ALL CAMPUS Meal Plan, are accepted throughout the semester.

The COMMUTER MEAL PLAN is designed for students living off the main campus who want the convenience of pre-purchased campus dining. Open your COMMUTER MEAL PLAN account with as little as $20.00. For deposits of $50.00 or more UDS will add a 10% premium to your account. COMMUTER MEAL PLAN funds may be used at any of UDS' 14 restaurants, both Jus Chill'n locations on the main campus and the College of Technology snack bars. Make additional deposits anytime ($20 minimum). Payment methods include cash, check, credit card UMoney and Cyberbear/student account (some restrictions apply, call 406-243-6325 for details).

For more information on meal plans and other special dining services, please contact the University Dining Services main office at (406)243-6325 or visit the UM Dining Services website.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists prospective, current and alumni students in developing viable career objectives, choosing academic majors and creating the plans necessary to achieve those goals. Assistance is also provided to students who wish to modify their career and academic goals to improve their employment options. Career Services provides a wide array of services designed to facilitate the transition from education to employment, including:

  • career counseling and assessments;
  • workshops on resume writing, interviewing and job search strategies;
  • taped mock interviews;
  • on-campus interviews with employers;
  • Griz eRecruiting, UM s on-line recruitment system; and
  • student employment.

Career Services maintains an extensive on-line library of current resources on general and specific career and educational options, resume, interviewing and job search reference materials and employment resources.

A variety of employment and career fairs are hosted each year to bring students and employers together to discuss volunteer, internship, research, part-time and full-time employment opportunities. The Student Employment Fair, Big Sky Career and Academic Enrichment Fair and Health Professions Fair are held each Fall semester. The Educators' Career Fair is open to teaching, administrative, school counseling, speech language pathology, and school psychology professionals and is held each spring semester.

All UM students are eligible to establish a free Griz eRecruiting account which allows students to post their resumes on the web for viewing by and referral to employers, participate in the on-campus recruiting program and view and apply for current job and internship vacancies in the online jobs database.

For additional information, contact the Office of Career Services at 154 Lommasson Center, call (406) 243-2022, e-mail: or visit the UM Career Services website.

Student Employment

Student Employment is an online job posting system for employers and online job search and application process for students. This makes it possible to post jobs for on-and off-campus, work-study, non-work-study, and volunteer employment. Student Employment works closely with Financial Aid and Student Payroll to assure students are being hired and paid within the established guidelines. Student Employment hosts a free Student Employment Fair during the first week of classes every fall. We also coordinate National Student Employment Week and the Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Award.

For additional information, contact the office of Student Employment at 154 Lommasson Center, call (406) 243-2239, email or visit the UM Student Employment website.

Testing Services

The Office of Testing Services is a member of the National College Testing Association and Consortium of College Testing Centers and is recognized as a NCTA certified test center. Testing Services subscribes to the NCTA professional standards and guidelines, providing the administration of educational, professional licensing, and certification exams. Examples of our services include:

  • National standardized academic admissions exams (ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, MAT, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Professional certification exams (CPA, PRAXIS, NREMT, PTCE, DANB, MPRE, ACSM, ACE, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • Information technology certifications (CompTIA, Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.)
  • College credit by examination through CLEP and DSST
  • Proctoring services for UM students, online, and distance learning programs

For additional information, contact Testing Services at Lommasson Center, Suite 154, call (406) 243-2175, or, or visit the UM Testing Services website.

Academic Enrichment

The University of Montana offers internships in most disciplines. Internships can be part- or full-time, paid or unpaid, and generally run the length of an academic semester. Internships are supervised by key faculty members and allow students to work in positions related to their academic and career goals while utilizing knowledge, theory, and skills learned in the classroom. Learning objectives complemented by faculty-assigned reflective learning projects or reports distinguish and showcase internships as essential educational experiences. Internships are available locally, state-wide, and throughout the nation in various settings, including non-profit agencies, small businesses, multi-national corporations, and city, state, and federal government offices. International internships are also available, many through a partnership with IE3 Global Internships. More detailed information is available at Academic Enrichment, Davidson 002; (406) 243-2815; fax (406) 243-5866; or visit the website .

Office for Disability Equity

Students with disabilities can expect access at the University of Montana-Missoula. Wherever possible, the University exceeds mere compliance with the civil rights laws of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Montana Human Rights Act. The University's programs are readily accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. The campus assures Program access is delivered to the maximum extent feasible and in the most integrated manner possible.

The Office for Disability Equity (ODE), a student affairs office, leads the University's program access efforts for students. ODE provides and coordinates reasonable modifications and advocates for an accessible and hospitable learning environment. We encourage self-determination and self-reliance by students with disabilities. Examples of services include priority registration, physical accessibility arrangements, academic adjustments, auxiliary aids (readers, scribes, sign language interpreters, etc.), alternative testing, conversion of print textbooks to e-text, assistive technology assistance, and other reasonable modifications. To achieve equal access, ODE vigorously pursues the removal of informational, physical, and attitudinal barriers to all University programs.

Students with disabilities should plan ahead and get in touch with ODE prior to arriving on campus. For additional information, contact ODE in Aber Hall, Level 1, by phone at (406) 243-2243 (Voice/Text), by video phone at (406) 203-0591, or or by email at Please visit the Office for Disability Equity website to find details on our services.

Military and Veteran Services Office (MVSO)

The University of Montana Military and Veteran Services Office (MVSO) is located on the Southeast corner of the Mountain Campus at 1000 E. Beckwith Avenue, where Beckwith Ave. becomes Campus Drive. The Military and Veteran Services Office assists all military-affiliated students with education benefits and resources necessary to succeed at UM, including those attending the Missoula College.

The Military and Veteran Services Office complies with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 (38 USC 3679(e)). The Act states that we will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33.

Contact information:

UM VETS Office
1000 E. Beckwith Avenue 
Montana Military and Veteran Services Office website
406-243-2744 Phone
406-243-5444 Fax

International Students and Scholars

The office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) assumes responsibility for the general welfare of foreign students at the University of Montana from admission to gradation and practical training. It provides direct support services, consultation, and liaison. The office assists in the reception and orientation of foreign students and helps with their integration into the University and community. It interprets immigration regulations and laws and assists students in maintaining legal status and obtaining benefits related to their visa status. Staff members provide advising for academic and personal concerns, cultural adjustment, financial problems, and other concerns that arise.

The staff works with the International Student Association and other student groups, as well as the Missoula International Friendship Program to sponsor cultural activities, a speaker's bureau, a community hospitality program for students, leadership opportunities for students, and the annual International Culture and Food Festival. ISS coordinates the UM Global Partner Program, a campus peer-mentioning program. It offers educational fields trips; winter and summer break activities, as well as initial and on-going orientation and educational programs on relevant topics. ISS manages the campus' International House, an activity center for inter-cultural events.

International Students and Scholars works closely with other service and advising offices on campus to optimize those services and their visibility to foreign students.

International Students and Scholars prepares certificates or petitions for the Exchange visitor J-1 visa and advises foreign scholars who need to change or extend their visa status, travel temporarily out of the United States or bring dependents to this country. Finally, the office serves as liaison to federal agencies dealing with foreign student and scholar concerns, such as the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, Department of Labor, Department of State, Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration. For more information visit the International Student and Scholars website or contact us at

Global Engagement Office

The Global Engagement Office promotes and provides international life-changing experiences and related educational opportunities, serving as a resource that contributes to the culture of a globally-minded community through its several different sections. The GEO is responsible for the recruitment of all international students to UM through a variety of programs including Study Abroad, Partner Programs, English Language Institute, Undergraduate Pathway (UP) Program, and Full Admissions. The GEO works with its partners to receive sponsored international students and administer their programs. The English Language Institute (ELI) department of the GEO serves international students who wish to improve their English language and academic skills in order to pursue studies at UM or another higher education institution. The GEO also offers students the exciting opportunity to study abroad in one of over 50 countries through three different UM sponsored programs: Faculty-Directed Programs, Partner Universities, and International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP). Global Gateway, an innovative educational service portal within the GEO, develops partnerships with the UM campus, local schools, and community organizations that promote cultural awareness and sharing foreign cultures, traditions, and customs. For additional information, visit GEO in the International Center, call (406) 243-2288, email

English Language Institute

UM offers an intensive English program through the English Language Institute. Students are enrolled in 20 hours of class each week. ELI's curriculum addresses the needs of international students whose scores are below UM language requirement scores of 525 ITP/ 70iBT. ELI courses also address the needs of students who want to raise their English language proficiency in order to gain admission to a university or college where English is the language of instruction. Through this program, ELI students can begin their university studies at UM in several ways. They can successfully participate in the ELI/UM Bridge Program, show their academic readiness through ELI coursework, or meet the TOEFL requirements. For more information, visit the English Language Institute website.

Curry Health Center


Curry Health Center provides affordable, accessible, high quality, student-centered health services to University of Montana students to enhance student learning, promote personal health and development and teach important life skills.

Curry Health Center is YOUR campus based health care center, with services designed to meet the needs of college students and the campus community.

General Information

The Curry Health Fee is paid at registration by students who enroll for seven credits or more (excluding distance only students). Students taking less than seven credits per semester may elect to pay the Health Fee at any time during the semester. The Curry Health Center provides a wide range of primary health care and health promotion services at discounted rates well below what students would generally find in the Missoula community.

Services in Wellness and Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC) are available to all students. Services in Medical, Counseling and Dental are available only to students who pay the Curry Health Fee.

We recognize the busy nature of student schedules and seek to provide accessibility for both urgent needs and more routine care via appointments or walk-ins. We are happy to coordinate care with providers "back home" or assist with referral to community resources for problems beyond the scope of the Curry Health Center.

Medical Services


Curry Health Center provides both primary health care services as well as walk-in care services to the University of Montana student population.

  • Traveler's Health (Traveler's Health Services are also available to UM Faculty and Staff)
  • Allergy Shots
  • Appointment & Walk-In Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Injury & Illness
  • Women s & Men s Health
  • Saturday Clinic
  • Lab & X-ray



Mental Health Crisis Line


Counseling provides rapid access and brief therapy for University of Montana students.

  • Individual & Groups
  • Psychiatry
  • Crisis Services

Behavioral Health Options

  • Alcohol Classes
    • Out-Patient Counseling
    • Substance Use Counseling



Dental care is available to students who have paid the Curry Health Fee. The Dental Clinic's primary focus is on urgent and preventative care. While urgent care is given priority, routine dental care is also provided as time allows. Charges for dental services are set at a substantially lower rate than the private sector.

Services Provided
  1. Urgent dental care.
  2. Fillings, root canals, simple extractions, crown and bridge procedures (as time permits).
  3. Teeth cleaning, periodontal scaling, and oral hygiene instructions.
  4. Routine exams and X-rays (‘checkups') on a limited basis-one per year.
  5. Night guards for TMJ disorders and protection from grinding.

Referrals to specialists or other dentists are provided for students whose dental needs are beyond the scope/capabilities of the clinic, e.g., oral surgery, complex root canals, orthodontics, dentures, etc. Charges incurred at private offices are the student's responsibility.

The Student Insurance plan does not cover dental charges.



Wellness at Curry Health Center provides health education and wellness services to students to help them stay safe and healthy, now and in the future.

  • Safer Sex Resources
    • Tobacco Quit Kits
    • Personal Health Coaching
    • Stress Management
    • Peer Educator Training

Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC)     


24- Hour Crisis Support Line


Our advocates and staff provide support to anyone who has experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and discrimination. The goal of our confidential advocacy services is to help ensure client safety and support personal autonomy, worth, dignity and power.

Our services are comprehensive and we actively listen, believe in, assist and support our clients. SARC interns and professional staff provide brief counseling services for students who have experienced sexual assault or relationship violence. Based upon your decisions and choices, we also provide referrals and connections within the justice, medical, and social service systems.

Your communications with SARC are confidential. Law enforcement, University administration, faculty, and/or family members will not be contacted by SARC unless you request us to do so. Additionally, you have the option of being completely anonymous in your interactions with SARC.

Services Provided
  • Drop-in Support Center and 24-hour Support Line

  • Crisis Intervention and Case Management

  • Academic, Medical, and Law Enforcement Advocacy

  • Individual and Group Counseling

Health Services Pharmacy


The Health Services Pharmacy, located in the Curry Health Center building, offers students a complete prescription service and accepts many 3rd party insurance plans at very reasonable rates. The pharmacy is operated by the School of Pharmacy in cooperation with Curry Health Center and is used for training pharmacy students under the supervision of registered pharmacists.

Insurance Billing


Because of your privacy rights and concerns, Curry Health Center will not automatically bill your insurance plan for services received at Curry Health Center. If you would like to file an insurance claim for services received at Curry Health Center, you must request this through the clinic that you received services from. Curry Health Center will provide a “Walkout Statement” to you that you can send to your insurance. Because your insurance company reimburses you directly, you are responsible for paying charges incurred at Curry Health Center, not your insurance company.

Curry Health Center is not a Medicare/Medicaid provider, nor do we accept direct payments from insurance companies.

UM Police Department

The UM Police Department is composed of the UMPD Police and UMPD-Parking Division. Both areas of UMPD work in partnership with the campus community to provide the most professional, effective public safety services possible. From parking management to crime prevention, the University of Montana Police Department is dedicated to supporting an environment which is safe and conducive to learning.

UMPD - Police

The University of Montana Police Department (UMPD) serves and protects the students, staff, faculty, and all people and property within the University of Montana campus and properties.

Both Police Dispatchers and Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our Police Officers and Dispatchers are certified and trained by the Montana Law Enforcement Academey (MLEA). UM Police Officers have the exclusive responsibility to act upon law-enforcement matters and perform police functions for the UM Main Campus and the Missoula College. UM Police Officers investigate all crimes and enforce federal, state, and local laws as well as University of Montana policies.

All sworn UMPD officers have successfully completed training at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) or equivalent training recognized by the Montana Peace Officer Standards and Training council. Our officers have the same authority and powers of arrest as any officer in the state. In addition to the MLEA training, UMPD officers receive additional training throughout the year.

UMPD - Parking Division

The Parking Division of UMPD is dedicated to managing a shared resource to provide the best alternatives and access to the University of Montana campus. Parking is limited. To help alleviate some of this congestion UMPD helps fund ASUM Transportation and Mountain Line Transportation. This helps provide free alternative transportation options to our students, faculty, and staff.

All surface parking lots as well as street parking require permits specific to the area from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Although permits are not required by UMPD after hours and on weekends, Quick Stops, Service and Delivery, and ADA spots are enforced 24 hours. Events on campus may also charge for parking after hours. Caution: Read signs carefully. Each surface parking lot is signed at the entrance and further restrictions are usually designated within the lot.

Visitors here for special events are advised to make arrangements with the department with which they have business prior to their visit.

For more information, visit the UM Police Department website.

University Center

The University Center enriches campus life by providing student-focused opportunities, programs, services, and space.

  • The University Center is student-focused. We provide students from diverse backgrounds with the guidance and resources to define and participate in their own learning and development. Student learning, discovery, and engagement are at the core of our work.

  • The University Center is committed to providing a broad range of opportunities that enrich the university experience. Through activities, governance, employment, and volunteerism students develop life-long leadership and professional skills.

  • The University Center designs programs and activities that appeal to a wide variety of student interests. Our core values learning, leadership, diversity, and fun reflect our commitment to relevant and intentional programs that enhance students overall educational experience.

  • The University Center offers a myriad of convenient services including an art gallery, hi-tech study lounge, game room, theater, conferencing services, shipping and mail center, bank and ATMs, copy center, full-service hair salon, bookstore, market, food court, and campus OneCard.

  • The University Center provides an inclusive, clean, well-maintained, and environmentally-conscious space for the campus and greater community to meet, study, and interact.

Visit us online at the University Center website.

Sports and Recreation

Organized sports and recreational activities are an important part of academic and leisure life at the University.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The University of Montana-Missoula is a Division I member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Big Sky Conference. The athletic program consists of 15 varsity teams. The men's program includes competition in basketball, cross country, football (Football Championship Subdivision), indoor and outdoor track, and tennis. The women's program offers competition in basketball, cross country, tennis, indoor and outdoor track, volleyball, golf, softball, and soccer. Athletic scholarships are offered in all sports.

Campus Recreation

The Campus Recreation Department offers a wide variety of services to the students, faculty and staff of The University of Montana. A comprehensive intramural sports program provides opportunities for men's, women's and co-recreational team competition and individual events. An outstanding Fitness Program offers yoga, pilates, strength training and other sports specific conditioning.

Recreational facilities include gymnasiums, weight rooms, and indoor running track, handball and racquetball courts, multipurpose fitness studios, tennis courts, indoor swimming pool, indoor climbing wall, and a golf course. Sports equipment such as balls, bats, gloves, etc. can be checked out for free and other equipment such as volleyball, nets, badminton sets, and horseshoes require a cash deposit.

The Outdoor Program offers services to students, faculty, staff and the general public, supplying information, training, and education about outdoor pursuits and sports. Classes are offered on a non-credit basis for activity credits through the Health and Human Performance Department. The Outdoor Program also organizes outdoor trips and hosts high adventure and educational films and lectures.

University Golf Course

The University of Montana-Missoula has a picturesque nine/eighteen hole golf course open to students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public. It is located approximately one-half mile south of the main campus.

The course has a clubhouse restaurant, driving range, putting and chipping green. The pro shop is well-stocked and club and cart rentals are available. Private lessons are offered by appointment with an assortment of rate structures.

Grizzly Pool

The University of Montana Grizzly Pool is a 7-lane, 25-yard indoor pool. Present programs include: fitness swims, recreational swims, classes for all ages (infant to adult), life guarding and WSI classes, pool rentals, Swim Shop, and competitive skills lessons.