University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Health Sciences

Health science courses are concerned with fundamental issues in human health and disease and are, therefore, interdisciplinary in both scope and content. They have been designed not only for students anticipating careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health, pharmacy, social work, medical technology, physical therapy, cytotechnology, and numerous other health care professions and services, but for all students interested in individual and community health, the clinical and paramedical arts, and the biomedical sciences. Health sciences courses are listed under two designations:

  1. Allied Health: Health Sciences;
  2. other disciplines.

Health Sciences Courses

Allied Health: Health Sciences

AHHS 191Special Topics1-6
AHHS 291Special Topics1-6
AHHS 325Introduction to Gerontology3
AHHS 327MGS Meeting1
AHHS 389Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine1
AHHS 390Research1-4
AHHS 391Special topics1-12
AHHS 394Medical Preparation2
AHHS 395Geriatric Practicum1-3
AHHS 420Geriatric Health Issues3
AHHS 430Health Aspects of Aging3
AHHS 490Research1-4
AHHS 491Special Topics1-12

Health and Human Performance

NUTR 221NBasic Human Nutrition3


BIOM 250NMicrobiology for Health Sciences3
BIOM 251Microbiology Health Sciences Lab1

Social Work

S W 423Addiction Studies3
S W 455Social Gerontology3


PHAR 110NUse & Abuse of Drugs3
PHAR 320American Indian Health Issues3


PHL 321EPhilosophy & Biomedical Ethics3