University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Natural Resource Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate

The University of Montana Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy directs an interdisciplinary Natural Resource Conflict Resolution Program – the only graduate-level program in the nation specifically designed to provide students a working knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of preventing and resolving disputes related to the integration of social, economic, and environmental interests. The program is co-sponsored by University of Montana Graduate SchoolSchool of Business AdministrationW.A. Franke College of Forestry and ConservationSchool of Law, and College of Humanities and Sciences. It is administered by the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation and directed by the Center for Natural Resource and Environmental Policy.

Graduate Certificate - Natural Resource Conflict Resolution


Required Courses9
Total Hours15

Degree Specific Credits: 15

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0

Required Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
LAW 613/ENST 513/NRSM 513Natural Resource Conflict Resolution3
NRSM 515Collaborative Skills for Natural Resource Leaders3
or ENST 515 Environmental Negotiation Mediation
ENST/NRSM 579Collaborative Conservation3
Total Hours9


Natural Resource Governance

Complete three credits of the following courses:3
Other courses may apply to this requirement with the approval of the program director.
Introduction to Environmental Law
Planning Principles & Processes
Environmental Planning
International Environmental Law
American Indian Natural Resource Law
Introduction to Environmental Law
Public Land & Resource Law
Water Law
Administrative Law
Renewable Energy
Land Use Planning Law
Natural Resource Policy and Administration
Water Policy
Environment & Development
Environment & Development
Climate and Society
The Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Political Ecology
Perspectives in Human Dimensions
Sustainable Protected Area Management and Tourism
Public Administration
Policy Analysis
Organization Theory
Administrative Law
Special Topics
Special Topics
Total Hours3

Broadening Your Perspective

Complete three credits of the following courses:3
Other courses may apply to this requirement with the approval of the program director.
Communication and Conflict
Risk, Crisis, and Communication
Seminar: Rhetoric & Environmental Controversy
Economics of the Environment
Seminar in Planning
The American West
Journalism and Society Seminar
Reporting Environmental Science and Natural Resource Issues
Alternative Dispute Resolution
International Conservation & Development
Issues in the Anthropocene
Science and the Environment
Environmental Aesthetics
Philosophy and Animals
Modern Political Theory
Total Hours3