University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Occupational Therapy (O T)

O T 650 - Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory, Concepts, & Application. 3 Credits.

This course explores innovative occupational therapy practice models as well as emerging trends in practice. Level: Graduate.

O T 651 - Professional & Ethical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on analysis of models and case examples of professional and ethical reasoning in occupational therapy. Level: Graduate.

O T 652 - OT Evidence Based Practice: Methods & Applications. 3 Credits.

This course teaches the OT practitioner advanced skills to be a knowledgeable consumer and translator of evidence, including being able to integrate evidence, client’s preferences, and context for best practice. Level: Graduate.

O T 653 - Methods of Evaluation in Occupational Therapy Practice. 2 Credits.

Through critical reflection and case studies, students will interpret scores and evaluation data to inform occupation-based, client-centered intervention planning. Level: Graduate.

O T 654 - Professionalism: The Doctoring Profession in Occupational Therapy. 2 Credits.

This course provides the clinical doctoral learner with the opportunity for examination and discussion of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities inherent in doctoral level occupational therapy practice. Level: Graduate.

O T 655 - Occupational Therapy in Prevention, Health, & Disability. 3 Credits.

This course explores the roles, evidence, value, and potential of occupational therapy in three domains: 1) prevention, 2) promotion of health and well-being, and 3) improvement of function and participation for people with and without disabilities. Level: Graduate.

O T 656 - Occupational Therapy Outcomes Measurement and Program Evaluation. 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to the qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods for measuring research outcomes of OT interventions and occupational science. Level: Graduate.

O T 691 - Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

(R-12) Offered intermittently. Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics.