University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Management Information Systems B.S. in Business Administration

The Management Information Systems STEM curriculum prepares students to manage an organization’s information resources. The major focuses on:

  1. analyzing and synthesizing information flows within and across the organization’s business processes;
  2. effectively managing the acquisition, deployment, and utilization of information systems; and
  3. using both information and information technology to enhance the organization’s strategic advantage.

The knowledge and skills developed in the curriculum lead to careers in data analytics, cybersecurity, consulting, application development, infrastructure management, systems analysis, technology and design, electronic commerce, and project management.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management Information Systems

General Education Requirements

Information regarding these requirements can be found in the General Education Section of the catalog. 


College of Business Requirements51-53
Primary Lower Core Courses
Math Requirement
Statistics Requirement
Secondary Lower Core Courses
Upper Major Core Courses
Capstone Course and Upper-Division Writing Requirement
Management Information Systems Requirements18
Management Information Systems Electives6
Total Hours75-77


Degree Specific Credits: 75-77

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0


  • At least 54 credits must be earned in Business classes (ECNS, COB internship courses and College of Business faculty-led study abroad course may be counted in OR out of Business). A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for these courses.
  • At least 27 credits in business AND BMIS 476 must be taken at UM.
  • All business credits transferred in after matriculating to UM must be pre-approved by the department chair in your major.

College of Business Requirements

Primary Lower Core Courses

Note: Unless a higher requirement is specified, all primary lower core courses must be completed with a C- or better and a 2.0 GPA in the six (6) listed courses prior to admission into an upper-division Business Major. A minimum grade of C or better is required for ACTG 201 and ACTG 202 as a prerequisite for ACTG 305.

Complete all of the following courses:
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BGEN 105SIntroduction to Business3
BGEN 222Business Models and Operations3
BMIS 270MIS Foundations for Business3
ECNS 201SPrinciples of Microeconomics3
Total Hours18

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Math Requirement

Note: The College of Business requires that credit be earned for one of the math courses below with a C- or better before enrolling in ACTG 202. A student's result on any math placement exam does not waive this math requirement.

Complete one of the following courses:3-4
Probability and Linear Mathematics
College Algebra
Applied Calculus
Total Hours3-4

Minimum Required Grade: C- 

Statistics Requirement

Note: This is a primary lower core course. The College of Business requires that credit be earned for STAT 216 (preferred) or one of the other statistics courses below with a C- or better prior to being admitted into an upper-division College of Business major.

Complete one of the following courses:3-4
Forest Biometrics
Psychological Statistics
Social Statistics
Introduction to Statistics (preferred)
Total Hours3-4

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Secondary Lower Core Courses

Note: All courses must be completed with a C- or better to satisfy prerequisites for certain major, upper major core, or capstone courses. Students are advised to complete these courses prior to being admitted to an upper-division Business Major. Prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Complete all of the following courses:
BGEN 220EBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility (Students must complete this course with a C- or better prior to taking the capstone, though earlier completion is strongly encouraged.) Ethical & Human Values Requirement3
COMX 111AIntroduction to Public Speaking (Students must complete this course with a C- or better prior to taking the capstone, though earlier completion is strongly encouraged.) Expressive Arts Requirement3
ECNS 202SPrinciples of Macroeconomics Social Science Requirement3
Total Hours9

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Upper Major Core Courses

Note: All upper major core courses must be completed before the capstone can be taken. A student must be listed as a major or minor in business to take these courses. Major or minor in Business is defined as junior standing with all primary lower core courses completed, a 2.0 cumulative GPA, and formal admission to the major or minor.

Complete all of the following courses:
BFIN 322Business Finance3
BGEN 341People, Process and Technology I3
BGEN 342People, Process and Technology II3
BGEN 361Principles of Business Law3
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing3
Total Hours15

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Capstone and Upper-Division Writing Requirement


  • Students must complete all primary and secondary lower core and upper core courses and their prerequisites and have an approved graduation application to register for their capstones.
  • Students must pass the required comprehensive exam as well as all requisite coursework to earn a passing grade in BGEN 499.
  • BGEN 499 must be taken at UM.
  • This course also satisfies the UM and College of Business upper-division writing requirement. 
Complete the following course:
BGEN 499Strategic Management3
Total Hours3

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Management Information Systems Requirements


Complete all of the following courses:
BMIS 326Introduction to Data Analytics3
BMIS 365Business App Development3
BMIS 372Information Infrastructures3
BMIS 373Business System Analysis & Design3
BMIS 476Integrated Project Management for IS3
BMIS 498Internship3
Total Hours18

Minimum Required Grade: C- 

Management Information Systems Electives

Complete 6 credits from the following courses:6
Accounting Information Systems I
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
Managing Information and Data
Special Topics
Introduction to Real-time Data Analytics
Fundamentals of Network & Security Management
Advanced Network & Security Management
E Commerce: a Managerial Perspective
Introduction to Consulting
Special Topics
Independent Study
Marketing Hi-Tech Production and Innovation
Interdisciplinary Computer Science I
Interdisciplinary Computer Science II
Pattern Recognition
Applications of Mining Big Data
Data Science Analytics
Statistical Methods I
Total Hours6
Minimum Required Grade: C-