University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Data Science M.S.

Master of Science - Data Science


Core Course Requirements18
Additional Courses12-18
Total Hours30-36

Degree Specific Credits:

Thesis: 30 credits

Nonthesis: 36 credits

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • At least half of the credits required for a degree (excluding a combined total of 10 credits for thesis or research) will be at the 500 or 600 level. (In no case, however, will this rule require more than 18 credits of 500- or 600-level work.) To apply this rule to the course of study, subtract the number of thesis and research credits completed (up to 10 only) from the minimum number of credits required for the degree.
  • Half of the remaining credits must be in courses at the 500 or 600 level.
  • The student and the student's advisor design a program of studies for each student. Each year the student must complete (or update) an advisor-approved Program of Studies form which is to be kept on file in the Mathematics office. A revised form must be filed if there are any changes to the student's program during the year.
  • After the first year students will take a comprehensive exam on material from M 540M 561, and M 562. It is structured in two parts, written and preliminary.


Core Course Requirements
Complete all of the following courses:
M 540Numerical Methods for Computational & Data Science3
M 561Advanced Data Science Analytics3
M 562Advanced Theoretical Big Data Analytics3
M 567Advanced Big Data Analytics Projects3
M 600Mathematics Colloquium1
M 610Graduate Seminar in Applied Mathematics2
or STAT 640 Graduate Seminar in Probability and Statistics
Complete one course in CSCI (see courses below)3
Additional Course Requirements
Complete additional credit requirements with the following courses:4-10
Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition
Applications of Mining Big Data
Applied Parallel Computing Techniques
Probability Theory
Mathematical Statistics
Applied Linear Models
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Theory of Linear Models
A minimum of 6 credits of electives drawn from courses offered by Mathematical Sciences, CSCI, and the School of Business Administration. These courses must be approved by the advisor.6
A minimum of 2 research credits is required. A final presentation on a research project must be given in the Applied Math & Statistics seminar.2
Total Hours30-36

Minimum Required Grade: C