University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

World Languages & Cultures (WLC)

WLC 110 - Introduction to European Studies. 3 Credits.

This course offers an introduction to key concepts and themes of European Studies. It examines the phenomenon of Europe as a geographic region as well as an historical cultural construct.

WLC 381 - Madness in Literature and Cinema. 3 Credits.

(R-6) This course investigates that place where literature and madness overlap in a variety of poetry, novels, short stories, and historical texts in three distinct European traditions: Spanish, French and Russian. The class follows different lines of thought such as the differences between madness and eccentricity, the connection between madness and ingenuity, and the allegorization of the creative process through depictions of madness. Only repeatable if the topic changes.

WLC 382 - Environmental Humanities: World Perspectives. 3 Credits.

This course offers a comparative examination of the role of nature and the environment in different cultural traditions with a focus on three in particular: Japanese, German, and Russian. Students learn about such topics as national geographies and natural resources, folk beliefs and traditions related to nature and the environment, persisting relevant cultural values, and the effects of industrialization along with contemporary issues that will connect our attention to the current day.

WLC 391 - Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

(R-12) Offered intermittently. Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics.

WLC 410 - Methods Teaching Foreign Language. 3 Credits.

Fundamental concepts, objectives, and techniques in the teaching of foreign languages. Level: Undergraduate-Graduate

WLC 492 - Independent Study. 1-6 Credits.

(R–12) Course material appropriate to the needs and objectives of the individual student. Level: Undergraduate