University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

College of the Arts and Media

Laurie Baefsky, Dean

The College of the Arts and Media is comprised of three professionally accredited schools:

The College of the Arts and Media is committed to leadership in pedagogy, creative scholarship, professional performance, artistic exhibition, and journalistic inquiry. The College prides itself on its high achieving faculty, successful alumni, and talented students who work hard to ensure that the University of Montana serves as the heart of culture and media for the state and region. Each program in the College is designed to:

  • Teach students with rigor and devotion by offering in-depth experiential learning that enables them to perform, create, and interrogate big questions of art, culture, and society with specificity and maturity, remaining open to diverse perspective.
  • Serve the University, the community, state, region, and nation by presenting high quality concerts, productions, exhibitions, and journalism  
  • Offer scholarly research opportunities for all disciplines to engage students in theoretical explorations of all forms of arts and media.
  • Provide leadership in the arts and media by enhancing the excellence of traditional curricula, instruction, and research with innovative and imaginative programs that utilize new technologies, incorporate various media, and enhance cultural and intellectual environments.
  • Inspire students to pursue excellence in their creative and investigative activities and uphold the free expression of complex ideas.

For more information visit the College of the Arts and Media website.