University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Speech Language Pathology M.S.

Master of Science - Speech Language Pathology


Course Requirement Credits32-35
Practicum Credits30
Total Hours65-71

Degree Specific Credits:

  • Thesis Option: 71 total graduate credits (35 graduate program course credits, 30 practicum credits, and a minimum of 6 thesis credits; may require an additional semester).
  • Non-thesis Option: 65-68 total graduate credits (32-35 graduate program course credits, 30 practicum credits, and 3 capstone/portfolio project credits).

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • Required Academic Coursework:
    • 35 credits of graduate program courses, a majority of which focus on developmental and acquired communication and swallowing disorders.
    • Either a graduate thesis (6 credits) or graduate non-thesis portfolio project (3 credits option).
    • Some students need to complete multiple undergraduate or Standard IV area requirements (not completed prior to graduate school) such as CSD 450 in order to be eligible for ASHA certification or other Standard IV-A courses.

Required Clinical Education Coursework and Credits

Clinical education coursework includes (See Clinical Education website):

  • 30 credits of clinical practicum–includes specialty clinics and direct experiences across multiple settings (see clinical education coursework).
  • Working with children and adults with developmental/acquired/swallowing 3 practicum levels that develop clinical skill and competency across multiple sites.

Graduate students have the opportunity to:

  • Work closely with ASHA-certified faculty/supervisors.
  • Engage in extensive experience and specialized training in various aspects of speech, language, literacy, swallowing, and hearing.

Program Delivery Options

On-Campus Students
  • Follow a traditional classroom structure by attending courses face-to-face on the UM campus:
    • Practica are completed every semester throughout the graduate program and begin as a clinical practicum in the University of Montana's RiteCare Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic their first semester in the graduate program.
    • Subsequent off-campus practica (typically after the first two semesters of graduate school) take place in off-campus sites (and can be arranged throughout the state and country).
    • Will complete the degree in a minimum of 4 semesters and 1 summer term.
    • Part-time options are available.
Distance Students
  • Participate synchronously in all academic courses with students on campus via web-broadcasting.
  • Begin clinical practicum at the University of Montana's RiteCare Clinic on the University of Montana campus in the summer term following two semesters of academic study.
  • Practica continue throughout the remainder of the graduate program in off-campus sites (and can be arranged throughout the state and country).
  • Are able to complete the program in a minimum of 4 semesters and 2 summer terms.

Courses Requirements

Complete all of the following courses:
SLP 520Articulation & Phonological Disorders3
SLP 530Voice & Motor Speech Disorders3
SLP 535Motor Speech Disorders3
SLP 540Fluency Disorders2
SLP 545Autism/Complex Communication2
SLP 546AAC Complex Communication II1
SLP 550Language Assessment and Intervention for Children Infants through Preschool3
SLP 560Dx /Tx School-Age Lang3
SLP 565Aphasia & Acq. Apraxia3
SLP 566Acquired Cognitive-Communication Disorders3
SLP 570Clinic Proc/Pro Pract I1
SLP 571Found Applied Clinic Srv/Lrn3
SLP 575Advanced Clinic Proc II1
SLP 576Advanced Applied Clinic II12
SLP 591Special Topics1-6
SLP 600Research Methods3
SLP 640Swallowing Disorders3
SLP 675Clinical Ext/ Adv Practicum12
SLP 588Master of Science Capstone Portfolio3-6
or SLP 599 Master of Science Thesis
Total Hours65-73

Minimum Required Grade: C