University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Physical Therapy, Doctor of (D.P.T.)

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Required Courses121
Total Hours121

Degree Specific Credits: 121

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


  • The University of Montana Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Program prepares graduates to be competent physical therapists capable of assuming roles as clinical practitioners, educators, scholars/researchers, administrators, consultants, and advocates. The 8-semester curriculum completed in 33 months provides unique opportunities for students, beginning with strong foundational science content in the first year and culminating with a semester-long clinical internship. Courses include both didactic (classroom) and laboratory (hands-on) learning that complement integrated and full-time clinical experiences beginning in the summer of the first year.
  • The D.P.T. degree requires completion of 121 credit hours, which includes 36 weeks of clinical education and 6 elective credit hours.
  • The UMPT Clinical Education Program requires students to complete a total of 36 weeks of clinical experience consisting of 2 integrated, part-time experiences in the UM Physical Therapy Clinic and 3 full-time clinical experiences, along with participation in community outreach and interprofessional collaborations to promote professional development outside of traditional physical therapy training.

Required Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
P T 503PT and Health Care System2
P T 510Applied Clinical Anatomy5
P T 516Movement System Exam & Eval5
P T 519Musculoskeletal Management I3
P T 520Geriatric PT2
P T 523Clinical Medicine I1
P T 524Clinical Medicine II2
P T 525Clinical Medicine III2
P T 526Foundational Skills & Intervention3
P T 527Physical & Electrophysical Agents3
P T 529Clinical Biomechanics5
P T 530Clinically Applied Exercise Physiology5
P T 531Prosthetics1
P T 532Foundational Skills II1
P T 533Pelvic Health PT1
P T 536Neurosciences5
P T 560Clinical Reasoning I1
P T 563Cardiopulmonary PT3
P T 565Pediatric Physical Therapy2
P T 567Neurorehabilitation I4
P T 568Neurorehabilitation II3
P T 569Musculoskeletal Management II5
P T 570Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Wellness2
P T 572Practice & Administration4
P T 573Musculoskeletal Management III6
P T 576Clinical Reasoning II2
P T 582Clinical Clerkship1
P T 583Integrated Clinical Experience I2
P T 584Integrated Clinical Experience II2
P T 587Full -Time Clinical Experience I6
P T 589Full-Time Clinical Experience II6
P T 626Clinical Medicine IV2
P T 627Prevention & Wellness Education3
P T 629Clinical Medicine V2
P T 676Clinical Reasoning III3
P T 679Trends & Scholarly Activity1-6
P T 680Clinical Internship11
Total Hours117-122

Minimum Required Grade: C