University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

E. Teaching Graduate Level Courses

E1.100 - Instructors teaching graduate-level (UG or G designated) courses in programs not offering a doctoral degree must possess a master's degree or higher. Instructors teaching graduate-level courses in doctoral programs must have a doctoral degree. Programs may petition for exceptions to this policy on the grounds that the instructor possesses specialized experiences and expertise relevant to the graduate offerings. All such petitions must be submitted to and approved by the dean of the Graduate School. Please see the guidelines for UG courses for more information.

E1.200 - At the close of the annual or biennial faculty evaluation process, any faculty member receiving a less-than-normal salary increase due to deficiencies related to teaching shall lose his or her eligibility to teach graduate-level courses until the completion of the next review. The dean of the Graduate School is responsible for requesting a list of these faculty members from the academic deans and notifying them in writing of their lost eligibility.