University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies B.A.

Bachelor of Arts - Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

General Education Requirements

Information regarding these requirements can be found in the General Education Section of the catalog. 


Required Courses15
Total Hours33

Degree Specific Credits: 33

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Required Courses

Note: Students must arrange a WGSS 398 internship with the WGSS Director prior to beginning their senior year. A list of available internships is available in the WGSS Office.

Complete all of the following courses:
WGSS 163LHistory and Literature: Perspectives of Women3
WGSS 263SSocial and Political Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality3
WGSS 363Feminist Theory and Methods3
WGSS 398Coop Education/Internship3
WGSS 499Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Capstone3
Total Hours15
Minimum Required Grade: C-


Rule: Of the 18 elective credits, 11 credits must be upper-division.

Note: Interdisciplinary courses and courses that appear on the WGSS curriculum list that do not fall within the Humanities and Social Science lists may be substituted with the approval of co-directors. WGSS Internship/Independent Study (392, 398, 492) courses may count for either the Humanities Core or the Social Science Core, depending on the topic. The following is a list of regularly offered courses that would fulfill the WGSS elective credits. Unless indicated, all courses are 3 credits. These courses are offered, in general, every one, two, or three years. Students are advised to check with the WGSS Office for individual semester course listings.

Humanities Electives

Complete 9 credits from the following courses:9
Black: From Africa to Hip-Hop
Black Women: Race, Gender and Sexuality
Women in Antiquity
Gender and Communication
Rhetorical Construction of Women
Rhetoric of Women's Activism
Introduction to Western Humanities: Antiquity
African American History to 1865
African American History Since 1865
Voodoo, Muslim, Church: Black Religion
The American South
Women in America: Colonial Period to Civil War
Women in America: From the Civil War to the Present
Alcohol in American History
Families & Children in America
The Black Radical Tradition
Prayer & Civil Rights
Writing Women's Lives
U.S. Writers of Color
Gender & Sexuality in English Fiction
Oral and Written Traditions of Native Americans
Native American Beliefs and Philosophy
Media Representations of Women, Men, and Sexuality
Total Hours9
Minimum Required Grade: C-

Social Science Electives

Complete 9 credits from the following courses:9
Peoples and Cultures of World
Anthropology of Gender
Intimate Relationships
Environmental Justice Issues & Solutions
Indigenous World View Perspectives
Ecological Perspectives in Native American Traditions
Contemporary Global Issues of Indigenous People
Politics of Social Movements
Psychology of Family Violence
Multicultural Psychology
Women & Social Action in America
Race, Gender & Class
Gender and Society
Social Stratification
Sociology of the Family
Rural Sociology
Population and Society
Capstone: Inequality and Social Justice
Sociology of Poverty
Prostitution & Human Trafficking
Gender and Global Development
Total Hours9
Minimum Required Grade: C-