University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Anthropology M.A. - Linguistics

Master of Arts - Anthropology; Linguistics Concentration

Required Credits: Thesis/professional project option: 30; Non-thesis option: 36

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0


Complete all of the following courses:
ANTY 500Contemporary Anthropological Thought3
LING 470Linguistic Analysis3
LING 573Language and Culture3
Complete one of the following courses:3
Phonetics and Phonology
Elective Courses - Complete all of the following:12
3 additional Anthropology (ANTY) graduate courses.
1 additional Linguistics (LING) graduate course
Thesis, Professional Project, or Non-Thesis Options - Complete one of the following options: 6-12
Thesis/Professional Project Option - Complete 6 credits of the following to achieve a total of 30 credits:
Professional Project
Defense of thesis or professional paper/project
Non-Thesis Option - Complete 12 credits of the following to achieve a total of 36 credits:
Additional graduate-level courses
A reviewed scholarly work or portfolio or a comprehensive evaluation
Total Hours30-36