University of Montana Catalog 2023-2024

Occupational Therapy, Doctor of - Post-Professional

Current licensed occupational therapists with baccalaureate or master-level credentials wishing to elevate their qualification to the doctoral level are invited to apply to our post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy program administered in partnership with Rehab Essentials, Inc. This program is delivered 100% online in either five or seven semesters dependent on the highest-level Occupational Therapy degree a student has attained. 

DOCTOR OF Occupational Therapy - post professional


Required Courses30-41
Total Hours30-41

Required Courses

Complete all of the following courses:
O T 650Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory, Concepts, & Application3
O T 651Professional & Ethical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy3
O T 652OT Evidence Based Practice: Methods & Applications3
O T 653Methods of Evaluation in Occupational Therapy Practice2
O T 654Professionalism: The Doctoring Profession in Occupational Therapy2
O T 655Occupational Therapy in Prevention, Health, & Disability3
O T 656Occupational Therapy Outcomes Measurement and Program Evaluation3
O T 657Personal Leadership for the Health Professional: Essentials to Transform Practice3
O T 658Capstone I2
O T 659The Teaching and Learning Continuum of Education for OTs2
O T 660Capstone II4
O T 661Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice *3
O T 662Technology in Occupational Therapy *2
O T 663Leading Change in Occupational Therapy *2
O T 664Occupational Science & Health *2
O T 665Career Pathways and Professional Growth for Occupational Therapists *2
Total Hours41

Course required for the bachelor to OTD track only.